Welcome to another case study on how to create a 3D scene based on an image from the internet. We’ve chosen 3D image from Canadian construction company Brivia Group and project Square Philips. We chose image bellow of lobby and decided to recreate the day scene and then make it dusk and add some people both 3D and PS.

Images in orders bellow:

  1. Original image form Brivia Group
  2. VisualArt DAY version with Photo Shop people
  3. VisualArt Night version of same scene with 3D people

The Production Stage

Software used

  • ArchiCAD
  • 3D MAX
  • Vray Render
  • Photoshop

The process:

  • Loading original render into the ArchiCAD
  • Creating camera based on render perspective
  • Interior modeling and exporting as 3DS file
  • 3DS file import in 3ds Max software
  • We used Vray and Vray camera with matched position with the one form ArchiCAD model
  • Scene setup in 3ds MAX – lights and atmosphere, 3D MAX modeling of furniture with reference original render, adding additional 3d modelsĀ  (3D people, interior 3D models).
  • Post production was made in Photoshop.

1. ArchiCAD setup:

  • Inserting 3D render image and matching camera angle
  • Modeling interior details.
  • Export 3DS file for 3D MAX scene

2. 3D MAX DAY scene setup:

  • Importing 3DS file in 3ds MAX software.
  • 3ds MAX Scene setup- Scene is pretty standard: Vray sun for main lighting, Vray light material for cylinder around model for background and nice reflections.
  • Adding Vray lights in Interior scene- from windows emulating day light and ceiling lights.

Mode details in images below:

3. Some details for 3D models of arm chair, sofa and carpet:

4. 3D MAX Night scene setup:

  • Same scene from Day render but with sight tweaks.
  • We’ve changed main sun light and background.
  • Changed interior lights as well
  • Added more 3D models around. scene for better reflections.

Mode details in images below:

5. RAW renders:

6. Photoshop work for both renders (with and without people):

Hope you enjoy our little experiment. Will update the blog soon with some advice on optimising your workflow.

Take care of yourself and those around you! May the Force be with you!

Best regards,

Visual Art Studio Team.